Jake, a lovable, rambunctious and rebellious teenager comes face to face with the first major crisis of his life. His father is blocking the path to his dream of becoming a world-class builder when he grows up. St Edwards Seminary, a boarding school for future priests, is a perfect solution to escape his abusive father and obtain the education required to enter university. He joins the freshman class of ’54 where he, and three very diverse classmates, come together as a close-knit clique, never revealing their true intentions.

Initially unperturbed, Jake and his new pals, embrace their exciting coming of age inside the cloistered walls of a Seminary. It’s a time for hilarious hijinks, questioning authority, exploring emotions, and pining for the company of girls. Just as the simple, gratifying, religious life is about to win over sixteen-year-old Jake, a girl enters his life during summer break. He experiences the thrill of the outside world and puppy love. If he can overcome the vengeful wrath of his father, he now has an attractive, alternative to his humble, staid, Seminary life. He presents this quandary to his Maker and awaits an answer.

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