2-15-18 Additional Reviews:

“You and Elizabeth had told me some of the stories, I recognized them in the book. The St. Bernadette story was truly an act of God. This book is amazing. It’s not all serious; it’s really funny in parts. Jake, it’s like you are sitting next to me telling me the story. I remember the hand event; I was there, and I saw the big red mark on your hand before it happened, I thought it was a birthmark. I saw you pick up the relic and look at it.  Then, I don’t remember exactly what happened, but you quickly left the chapel. You missed the next month’s service, and then you were back. I remember you told me what happened. Thank you for saying I was a young man, I’m not! You have honored St Anthony’s church with your story.” – Anthony


“I finished reading your most interesting and enjoyable book. You have a fast-paced literary style. Your memory of the challenges of living in a seminary is well told in section three, The Battle of Two Worlds. The SU times were good, and our houseboat was a gathering place for friends. That set us apart. I don’t know anyone else who lived in a houseboat during that time. You portrayed Elizabeth and Janet well, and you wrote truthfully about Elizabeth’s parents. Who would have ever thought when you left the seminary that you’d come full circle to recognizing that God was with you all through your life challenges. What a witness you give of returning to The Father. God is Love! I’m going to email Janet that she needs to read your book. She will identify with it. I will tell the Seattle Prep guys that your book is ready for purchase. I think they will enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your life’s journey.” – Parker


“I finished reading Jake – The Prodigal Son last week and passed it on to my son Sherman. He lives on the Island and shares my interest in the Northwest and boating. You did an amazing job with the book! I could identify with many of your personal experiences. Congratulations, and make sure we know when your next book is available.” – Andreas


“Somebody lent me their copy and I read part of it. I have to have my own copy!” – Jim


I like it so much; I don’t want it to end. I just read a few chapters at a time. I’m stretching it out.” – Marsha S.


“I finished that wonderful book. It was so enlightening for me. I loved it and passed it along to my daughter. I also bought a copy for my son and my husband’ sister. Thank you, thank you.” – Anne


“When you told us the stories about St Anthony & the miracle of the hand, the book came alive! This story is so powerful. Clearly, God can do anything. It really got to me!” – Roberta


“Just finished your autobiography. As I was reading, I wasn’t sure where the story was going. Then I came across the photos and I thought I had the story all figured out, but wondered what the point was. Reading on I realized this was more about faith then it was about your life story. I could not place at what time period (year) you were in your story compared to when I knew you in Hawaii. I sort of expected our friend, Steve, to show up in the story. I appreciate the anxious moments you went thru with the medical issues.

What struck home was another story that an engineer I worked with told me about his illness. He said he went over and came back. His felt he was fading away, in serious pain, and then his pain was gone, he saw the white lights and then awoke and gradually recovered. He didn’t say he saw anyone on the other side but he is also a Roman Catholic and recognizes the same saints as your family does. Stay well and good luck with your publication.” – Hank


“Jake, you bugger I can’t put it down. Yes, you are a storyteller! What a gift you have. Thanks for the gift, for sure I will order and pass on. Your friend Edward”


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